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Workshop Info.png
  • All Alpha ages are determined as of January 1st of the calendar year.

  • The workshop listed ages are guidelines for Studio Directors. Studio Directors should use their discretion to place their dancers in the appropriate levels. 

  • Early tuition fees apply to registrations submitted and paid in full by the "Early Registration Deadline". This deadline is 30 days prior to the event.

  • Registration is on a first come, first serve basis. Final in full payment is the only method to guarantee your registration.

  • Registration must be paid by cash, cashier's check, credit card or money order. Alpha does not accept personal checks.

  • All fees are in United States dollars. Canadian checks are not accepted. Bank money orders and bank wires must be payable in U.S. funds only.

  • All returned checks will be subject to a $35 fee.

  • No refund will be given on workshop fees.

General Info.png
  • Dance studios may apply their own additional administrative fees.

  • Workshop fee includes a minimum of ten (10) hours of educational class time.

  • Each dancer will be issued a wristband. Their wristband will reflect which level they are assigned. 

  • Dancers will only have access to the room in which their wristband corresponds.

  • Level changes can be made within the first two (2) classes Saturday morning. Alpha's registration desk will exchange wristbands if necessary and possible. If a specific room is at capacity, we will not be able to make changes into said room.

  • Dancers that attend a studio but are attending Alpha without their studio must have the studio complete their registration. This type of registration must be completed under the studio account prior to the event.

  • Levels may be combined in some cities.

  • Teachers may take class in the Senior, Teen or Junior levels.

  • If registered as a group, only the group leader is permitted to pick up the registration packet.

  • Change in confirmed faculty is subject to change without notice. 






Beta Baby







12 - 14

7 - 11

4 - 6


Early Tuition







Full Tuition








(includes one

observer band)

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(includes one

observer band)

  • Dancers attending more than one 2022-2023 Alpha event will receive a 25% discount on workshop tuition for each additional city.

  • College students with a valid college ID will receive a 25% discount on workshop tuition.

  • College students must take classes in the Senior Room and are not eligible for scholarships.

  • Teachers/Studio Owners attending more than one 2022-2023 Alpha event may attend all additional events free of charge.

# of Dancers

1 - 14

15 - 44

45 - 74




1 Free Teacher/Studio Owner

2 Free Teachers/Studio Owners

3 Free Teachers/Studio Owners

1 Free Room At Host Hotel

4 Free Teacher/Studio Owners

1 Free Room At Host Hotel

Do not include scholarship winners when calculating # of dancers.


Beta Babies.png
  • Our Beta Babies program is an amazing introduction into the convention world for dancers ages 4 - 6. Beta Babies should be prepared to blast off into a world of imagination, education and dreams!

  • Beta's are dancers who want to experience Alpha but may find our Junior, Teen or Senior room too challenging. Beta's can look forward to a fun educational experience here at Alpha.

  • Beta's will experience two half days of workshop classes and a performance that can be celebrated by all.

  • Each Beta Baby registration comes with an observer band. This wristband will only allow access into the Beta Baby room. Additional wristbands will be available on-site. 

  • All Beta dancers will receive a customized Beta Blast t-shirt!

  • Beta's will not be eligible for scholarships.

  • At Alpha Dance Convention, we stress the importance of being a well-rounded dancer. Dancers will be "auditioning" for Alpha scholarships in all their classes. Faculty will take note of scholarship recipient dancers throughout all workshop classes.

  • Dancers are only eligible to receive scholarships in the room designated for their age or above. Example: A teen dancer may receive a scholarship in the teen or senior room but will not be capable of receiving a scholarship in the junior room.

  • If a dancer received a scholarship while registered with a dance studio and is now "Independent" or with another dance studio, they would forfeit the scholarships earned with their previous studio.

  • Dancers must be registered for the entire workshop to compete for scholarships.

  • Scholarships will be awarded during our Omega Ceremony Sunday afternoon.

  • Scholarship rates are based on the regular price and not the early rate.

  • Parents of registered dancers are allowed into the workshop classes if they have purchased an observer band.

  • Observers are not allowed into rehearsals.

  • All observers must be attending with paid dancers.

  • Observer bands do not grant access to the Teacher room or teacher luncheons.

  • One free Beta Baby observer band will be given per registration. The Beta Baby wristband only grants access to the Beta Baby classroom.

  • Alpha reserves the right to limit observers in each ballroom. If a ballroom is at capacity, Alpha will not sell observer bands on site.

  • Alpha reserves the right to revoke any observer privileges.

  • Observer bands are not required for the Welcome Show, Competition, Omega Ceremony or Friday night bonus classes.

  • One day observer bands are not available.

  • Observers 10 years and under are free.

  • No videotaping or photography is allowed during the workshop classes. Photos may be taken in between classes and with the faculty when they are available.

One Day Workshop.png
  • Alpha offers the option to take workshop classes for one day.

  • One day participants may register to take class either Saturday or Sunday. We recommend that dancers take classes on Saturday as Sunday classes may be a continuation from Saturday's class.

  • One day participants are not eligible for scholarships or competition.

Independent Dancers.png
  • Independent dancers are welcome to participate in the Alpha workshop and competition.

  • Independent dancers are able to receive scholarships but are unable to receive Alpha Dancer scholarships.

  • An independent dancer is a dancer that is not associated with a dance studio. 

  • We believe a dancer should attend convention workshops to supplement their weekly training. The structure and consistency dance studios provide teaches lessons that go beyond dance language. We are looking to inspire and mold talented young dancers but also young individuals. At our core, we believe in the local dance studio(s) education process but do understand and acknowledge that this is not the path for everybody. 





Beta Baby

Early Tuition





Late Tuition






  • Workshop schedules may vary from city to city.

  • When applicable, Alpha will hold bonus classes on Friday night. These classes are free for attendees.

  • Workshop schedules will be posted one week prior to the event.

  • Workshop schedules are subject to change leading up to the first day of the event.

  • Alpha offers professional photo and video services and each of our events.

  • Photo(s) and Video(s) will be available on our website after the event.

Safety and Security.png
  • Any participants in need of first aid should see a Alpha staff member at the registration desk.

  • The host hotel, facilities and Alpha Dance Convention are not responsible for lost personal items or injuries.

  • All personal items should be placed underneath chairs around the perimeter. Items should not be placed on chairs so that observers have a place to sit during class.

  • All dancers under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult of legal age.

  • All dancers registered with Alpha Dance Convention must complete a waiver prior to the event.

  • Photography and Video recording is strictly prohibited. This is to enforce the safety and privacy of all children attending our events. 

  • All attendees are welcome to attend our 15 minute warmup Saturday morning following our welcome show.

  • Friday night bonus classes will be held in most cities. These classes are open to all Alpha dancers. Observers do not need an observer band to observe these classes. These classes will feature our well versed staff in a secondary style of their choosing and will offer a well rounded experience to an Alpha weekend!

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